Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are PROJECT X officially affiliated to any of the original watch brands offered via the website?

A. NO.  We are an independent brand offering customizations in a non-official capacity to existing watch brands official watches.

Q. Do all of the customized watches sold via PROJECT X use unworn original manufacturer watches as a base model?

A. YES.  To ensure that we achieve the highest standard when creating new designs, we use unworn or lightlly worn pre-owned examples not more than 3 years old.

Q. Can I provide my own watch to be customised?

A. NO.  Project X is a brand, we only customize watches that we supply.

Q. Will the modifications invalidate the official brand manufacturers’ guarantee?

A. YES.  We would expect so. Therefore all brand manufacturers warranties are automatically transferred to PROJECT X.  Our team of experienced, skilled watchmakers/technicians will undertake any servicing requirements and provide an international guarantee of timekeeping for 1 year after the service is completed.  We would also be happy to resolve any problems should they arise with your watch at any other time.

Q. Will the original box & gurantee card be provided with my customized watch?

A. YES.  The original inner/outer boxes as well as the original manufacturers guarantee card will be provided with your watch, along with a PROJECT X warranty card.

Q. Are all the modifications advertised on the website tested before becoming available?

A. YES.  Without question, the modifications offered only become available once we have tested them extensively and are completely satisfied with the results.

Q. Will you make specific modifications on the client’s request?

A. YES. All requests are considered and then investigated.  If we feel we are able to deliver the requirement without compromising our quality control criteria, we are happy to make ad-hoc bespoke alterations.

Q. Are the modifications reversible?

A.  The majority of watches can be restored to their original configuration.  It will be clearly stated within the description if this is not possible.  The cost and timescales to reverse a modification would need to be agreed prior to any work commencing.

Q. Once a Limited Edition has sold out, will its design be repeated?

A. NO.  Each design no matter how popular will only be produced once.  The configuration selected will only be used for that particular edition.

Q. Can additional bespoke options be added at a later date?

A. YES.  As new options become available, if they are suitable for your particular model, they can be added at a later date.

Q. If i damage my watch can you repair it?

A. Should you damage your watch, we are in most instances able to provide the required replacement parts and repair it. However plese note priority for replacement parts will always be given to owners who bought their watch directly from Project X or one of its approved retailers (current and past). Should you decide to purchase a watch from a non-approved 3rd party re-seller, please ensure they are willing and able to provide you with the necessary after-sales repair service. We do not provide any guarantees for Project X branded watches which have been sold by non approved resellers.