Guarantee and Servicing

ALL watches used for our customizations are original examples, either unworn or lightly worn and not more than 3 years old (unless stated).

ALL watches are time-tested prior to shipping to ensure that they meet the original brand manufacturers stated standard.

ALL watches are pressure tested prior to shipping to ensure that the waterproofing has not been compromised.

ALL watches can be returned to us at any time in the future for servicing by our experienced and qualified technicians.

ALL of the customization options have been extensively tested before being offered on the website.

Only those modifications that pass our quality control standards will be made available. While we are happy to consider any customization that you request, we will only provide them if we feel that they can be delivered to the standard you demand.

Our modifications may invalidate the original brand manufacturers warranty. We therefore automatically transfer the original brand manufacturers Guarantee/ Warranty to Project X.

ALL coatings are guaranteed for a 2 year period from the date of sale.