Feedback from those who have already enjoyed the Project X experience

“My DS8 (no. xx/028) arrived last week! The watch looks absolutely wonderful!!!. Thank you very much and the best from Munich." - Dr. CT, Germany

“A sensational nice design work ! Thank you. Please keep me informed about your projects." - VW Germany

“At long last, the watch has arrived and frankly, it was worth the wait.  It looks very distinctive and absolutely flawless.  My wife is trying to steal it already, but I’m having none of that. Thanks for everything, brilliant work.” - MS, USA

“I just want you to know…your submariner has been around and knocked around in the waters and sands of Bermuda, Bahamas, Gulf of Thailand, Bali since……..not a single scratch! I am impressed! Last accident, I was opening the wrought iron door at the Raffles Singapore for a beautiful woman and your submariner scrapped the iron door/gate. I had to carry on like a gentleman but then while having a drink I noticed paint on the submariner which I easily took off.  Apparently the watch had peeled the paint from the wrought iron door without a scratch on itself.  What the heck did you put on these watches anyway?  : ) “ - RR, Brunei

“I just wanted to send you a note to say thanks for the wonderful watch band. That was such a kind gesture by you and the gang and Project X to send one of your beautiful Natos my way. I really enjoy it, and really appreciate it. Thanks again, I hope the excellent reputation of Project X continues to grow.” - AB, USA

“I received the watch today and I must say it is worth the wait.  Quality wise, impeccable. Thank you for all the effort and wishing you all success with your business.” - RA, Taipei

“I love the watch. I have to tell you that I have sad SOOOO many compliments on the watch.” - JM, USA

“I have received my watch, and Im very pleased with it. It looks fantastic, and I have been wearing it, ever since it arrived. This is for sure my favorite watch, and just the first of more Project X Design to come.” - JS, Hong Kong

“Just received the watch, it is perfect, better than what I was hoping. Thank you very much.” - AH, Singapore

"Just amazing" - TS, Canary Wharf

"I have had the pleasure of viewing and examining specimens of a couple of watches which had an immaculate black finish and they truly looked exquisite. I would highly recommend those to anyone looking for a specially customised watch and piece of precious horology or simply for an item off the beaten track. That together with the professionalism of the team make for a proposition one can not afford to miss!" - Dr.YGD, London

"Awesome, the deepsea looks better than the original" - MH, London

"The watch has just arrived.  Congratulations on a superb finish" - KT, Paris

"It looks Fantastic" - JS, London